Postdocs leaving

After working with us for two years, our postdocs are sadly leaving. Mario Schulz is starting a position at the University of Münster and Shengwen Wang is starting a position at the University of Warwick. We wish them all the best for their future career!

New postdocs and students arrive

September 2019 is the months where the two postdocs Mario Schulz and Shengwen Wang as well as the two new PhD students Quintin Luong and Louis Yudowitz join us! To celebrate this occasion, we are running an intensive reading seminar series on min-max. See our new group member page here.

New website

Welcome to, the new website of the Geometric Analysis Group at Queen Mary University of London. To find out more about our group and our regular activities, visit our research group members page, our events page or our seminars page.

You can also find out about our recent EPSRC grant on Mean Curvature Flow on the following grant information page.

The goal of this news page is to regularly add updates on group activities, planned events, and research results.